March Member Meeting - 03/23/2021

Minutes not yet approved

Present: Nikki Carrion, Steven Eilers, Christine Carpenter, Tammy Turner, Katie Boaldin, Sarah Steinmeyer, Clarissa Klosterman, Anna Banfield, Brenda Vavroch, Rachael Chapman, Sally Browne

Minutes: Minutes of the previous general meeting were accepted as written. e

Treasurers Report:

Theme Group Updates


Health & Wellness

Fresh Produce Availability

Promotions and Development Report - The application for a Cedar Falls Tourism grant was submitted on March 12. Kim Manning at the CF Tourism and Visitors Bureau will inform us after March 25 if the application is approved.

Unfinished Business

Member Announcements

Steve moved we adjourn; Katie seconded the motion. The meeting adjourned.
Submitted by Sally Browne