November Member Meeting - 11/17/2020

Present: Nikki Carrion, Steven Eilers, Christine Carpenter, Tammy Turner, Daquan Campbell, Katie Boaldin, LaToshia Burrell, Mike Henning, Ruben Carrion, Sally Browne

Minutes: Minutes of the September meeting approved as written. Discussion clarified
(1) that Tammy is still available to write the application for a Cedar Falls Tourism marketing grant;
(2) that Steve attends INRCOG meetings and the position Jackie Schares vacated there has been filled.

Treasurers Report: The CUNA grant was received and the monies disbursed. A balance of $3,791.79 remains in the HCVC Veridian account.

Theme Group Updates

Report from promotions and development

Unfinished business

New business

Member announcements

General meeting for 2021 are Jan. 26, March 23, May 25, July 27, Sept. 28, and Nov. 16, all at 2:30 pm.
The meeting adjourned.