March Member Meeting - 03/2019

Called to order: 2:35pm

Present: Jacki Schares, Tammy Turner, Nikki Carrion, Sally Browne, Sarah Steinmeyer, Lindsey Anderson, Katie Boaldin, Barb Ritchie, Clare Magalaner, Jodie Huegerich

Minutes: January minutes - No corrections, approved

Treasurers Report: $4216.32 since January, dues have been added. Membership form can be found on HCVC website. Please pay your dues

Theme Group Updates

Promotions and Development: - Sally was pleased with the February newsletter. Average 22% open. February was a 31% opened for the newsletter. Meeting notice up to 21%. No sure why the increase in opens but it's good! General Meeting times needs to be determined with the change of president. Does Tuesday afternoon work for the majority of the group?

Announcements/New Business:

Adjourn: 3:50p

Next General Meeting: May 22 at NEIA Food Bank 2:30pm unless changed to Extension office. Check your newsletter or email

Addendum to the March Minutes by Sally Browne:
HCVC could provide programming in conjunction with these existing programs:

Other member announcements: