January Member Meeting - 01/22/2018

Present: Bryan Foster, Christine Carpenter, Tammy Turner, Jodie Huegerich, Nikki Carrion, Stephanie Johnson, Hannah Meyers, Janelle Brehm, Sally Browne

Minutes: November, 2017, minutes were approved.

Treasurers Report: End-of-year report showed a balance of $4,013.31 and the account ready for yearly audit. Membership dues are $5 per person or $20 per organization.

Theme Group Updates


Health & Wellbeing

Fresh Produce

Suggestions for New Projects:
Nikki asked if HCVC has any projects involving exercise, especially for older adults. Christine said not currently but had talked about providing classes in low-income housing. Nikki is currently renting space at the Cedar Falls Community Center or could do yoga at the Arboretum. She is also interested in outreach to veterans and has held classes through a Guernsey Grant at the Jesse Cosby Center in Waterloo.

A newsletter will be sent out about a week and a half prior to the Local Food and Film Festival. The deadline for submitting items to Sally is Feb 5.

Member Announcements:

Schedule of 2018 Meetings:
General membership meetings for the rest of the year are March 26, May 21, July 23, September 24, and November 26.

Tammy moved and Christine seconded that the meeting adjourn.