The main goal is to educate the public on how our local environment has an impact on human health this includes projects related to the following areas: air quality, energy, water quality and conservation, land usage and solid waste issues.

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A Practical Backyard Tour

Saturday, June 16th, 2018
The Healthy Cedar Valley Coalition's Sustainability Theme Group and community partners will present "A Practical Backyard Tour" of Waterloo and Cedar Falls on Saturday, June 16 from 10 AM - 1 PM. An event finale and prize drawing will take place at SingleSpeed Brewing (325 Commercial Street, Waterloo) at 1:30 PM. The drawing will feature a 55-gallon hand painted repurposed rain barrel, a rain barrel converter kit, a pollinator-friendly plant package, and a potted fruit tree. Must be present to win!

Organizations and homeowners will be opening up their green spaces and backyards to share various sustainable and Earth-friendly practices! Visit 7 creative, sustainable backyards and green spaces at your own pace and in any order. This educational event is FREE and open to the public! You may print a backyard tour brochure with event details, tour addresses, site descriptions, and the list of awesome prizes at the finale! You may not make it to all 7 locations during the 3-hour event, so pick your favorites to visit first.
On the day of the event: after you've printed your brochure, pick any place to start and sign a waiver at that first stop. Receive one ticket at EACH site that you visit, then enter them into the prize drawing at the finale! The more locations you visit, the better your chances are of winning!
Although pre-registration is not required, you can earn 1 EXTRA ticket for the drawing, when you log into Facebook by 3pm on June 15th to RSVP. Click "Going" on the Healthy Cedar Valley Coalition's Facebook Event Post!
This event is sponsored by the Healthy Cedar Valley Coalition in partnership with the Dry Run Creek Watershed Improvement Project, Green Iowa AmeriCorps, KWWL, the City of Waterloo, the City of Cedar Falls, the Northeast Iowa Food Bank, the Waste Trac Education Team, EMBARC, the Cedar Falls Seed Library, Petersen & Tietz, Meyers Nursery, and SingleSpeed Brewing.
Backyard Tour Locations:
Solar Solutions! 524 West Lone Tree Rd, Cedar Falls Swing by to see what all the fuss is about with solar panels! See the homeowners' passive solar kitchen and so much more.
Permeable Pavers Preventing Pollution 2103 Grand Blvd, Cedar Falls See how a permeable paver driveway manages stormwater from the property, as well as the adjacent street and neighbor's lot. Native prairie species were planted to reduce maintenance for the pavers and prevent sedimentation.
Rain Gardens: Stormwater Sustainability Solutions 2415 Victory Dr, Cedar Falls Visit a residence with two rain gardens designed and constructed by student volunteers. Learn how you can install a beautiful rain garden on YOUR property!
Edible Backyard… Powered By Compost! 925 Reber Ave, Waterloo - Limited street parking (Additional parking available one block away at the Fletcher Avenue Kwik Star) Visit a completely grassless backyard, busting with fruit trees & berries AND... powered by rich compost! See how the homeowners convert food, yard, and paper waste into black gold using a two compartment composting system. Also see 2 styles of indoor worm bins!
Burmese Gardening Tips & Techniques Refugee Community Gardens, street parking only (Next to 157 University Ave, W'loo - Follow tour sign from corner of Leland Ave & Virden St) Meet the Burma community by visiting the Community Producers Burmese Garden. This market garden is part of a program through EMBARC. Learn about the unique vegetables native to Burma that will be grown here!
If You Build It, Pollinators Will Come NE Iowa Food Bank, 1605 Lafayette St, W'loo Check out the Food Bank Garden's perennial pollinator bed, designed to have blooms available for bees all season long.
Improving Urban Water Quality KWWL Parking Lot, 511 E. 5th St, Waterloo During the renovation of the historic Overland Park Building (home of KWWL), they kept water quality in mind through a commercial application of permeable pavers. This site showcases a great way to manage and clean storm water on urban parking lots with limited lot area.
Finale and Prize Drawing SingleSpeed Brewing, 325 Commercial St, W'loo Hold on to your tickets and join us at 1:30 PM to turn them in for the drawing featuring fun Eco-prizes! * Must be present to win!
Have a question? Contact the Waste Trac Education Team at 319-266-8722.